Rich and Chrissie

About Us

"We both knew we were made for each other when we met. We did not know the journey we were going to take though." - Richard Spanton Jr

Family (written by Chrissie)

Rich and I met in Ohio, and fell instantly in love,we were married 3 years after meeting.

We began our journey of starting our family shortly after our honeymoon. After a year we began to suspect something was wrong, so we looked for help. During our fertility journey, I lost my sister, tragically. That was and still is very hard on us.

We finally became pregnant in Oct of 2008 with help after many cycles of Artificial and IVF. But in December 2008, we lost the pregnancy and I was diagnosed with Factor V Leiden, not 1 gene, but 2. At the time I had no clue what this meant. Doing some research and going to all sorts of docs I have a true understanding now. I also believe that miscarriage was a blessing in disguise. I would have never known about this disorder with out it.

We took a break from fertility for a year in 2010. Then began looking into surrogacy in Nov of 2011. It was our last choice we thought. 3 days after the surrogacy search, I woke up and felt strange. I took a pregnancy test and VIOLA, I was pregnant, naturally! (I took 3 more and all came back positive.) What? This cannot be. We weren't trying. It happened all natural.

With a call to our fertility clinic, they verified the pregnancy and our son was born in 2012.

We love our little guy more than anything. Being parents is one of the coolest things we have been blessed with so far. - Chrissie Spanton


Richard Spanton Jr is a creative entrepreneur who owns and runs several businesses. An organic apple orchard and farm. A luxury bed and breakfast, a wedding venue a roofing company and a software company. Rich also helps his mother and father with their elk farm. Chrissie is a graphic designer, who helps with the business graphics and websites.